Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Pattern of Insane Behavior

So murdering douchebag (yeah I know he was legally acquitted) George Zimmerman is at it again, with his most recent escapades ending with his arrest on charges of felony aggravated assault.  His girlfriend called 911 and said he smashed her belongings, pointed his shotgun at her and then forced her out of her house.  In court today he claimed she was the aggressor and "went crazy on him".  Sounds kind of familiar, huh? This is the same asshole who already has a felony assault on a police officer, a restraining order from another ex for domestic abuse, and was accused of assaulting his father in law and pulling a gun on him too.  Oh yeah, he also shot and killed an unarmed 17 year old kid walking home alone.

So, how much stupid, criminal, violent shit does this guy have to do before people who have been defending him and his gun rights admit he might just be a fucking asshole who got away with murder?  Maybe if he actually shoots his wife or girlfriend or father in law?   No one else saw exactly what happened, certainly not me, but at some point you look at a pattern of crazy, violent behavior and say "yeah. that guy is a psychotic asshole who probably murdered Trayvon Martin".

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