Tuesday, June 7, 2016


As a Neo-Liberal Sellout Shillary Supporter, I Guess I Gotta Vote For This Guy

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Real Campaign Has Finally Begun

I've only heard some clips from Clinton's "foreign policy" speech yesterday, but it immediately struck me as a major turning point in
the presidential campaign. I put foreign policy in quotes because it really was a extended attack ad on Trump more than a policy speech, and it was an extremely effective one.

 Two obvious indicators of the effectiveness are 1) Trump's weak and angry twitter response and 2) the media's coverage. Trump's tweet "Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! Reading poorly from the telepromter! She doesn't even look presidential!" is just silly and not hard hitting at all. it's about as clever as "U R DUMB" and it came off as desperate vs Clinton's "Donald Trump's ideas aren't just different — they are dangerously incoherent. They're not even really ideas — just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies." That crystallizes in a single pretty vicious sentence everything liberals, moderates and even a LOT of conservatives think about Trump already, and it scares people. And the the level of positive media coverage on the speech is 10x anything else Clinton's done before. This is partially because it was a good speech but also because everyone has acknowledged implicitly, if no explicitly, that the primary campaign is over and this is a Clinton-Trump race and it's time to start covering that way. This means she's going to get this level of coverage going forward and he's going to get the kind of serious scrutiny he's managed to mostly avoid till now. I'd been worried about the general election until yesterday. Now that the big guns are coming out, I'm much more comfortable. #FeeltheTurn