Friday, November 22, 2013

Right Wing Hypocrisy: Casino Edition

Billionaire casino owner and right wing political power house Sheldon Adelson loves FREEDOM! He even founded the political lobbying group Freedom Watch and supports freedom loving liberarians like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. But it turns out, he loved freedom right up until it might cut into profits. So he's "hired an army of lawyers and lobbyists to try to convince Congress to ban online gambling". That's a bit too much freedom for Shelley A. But in case you think that's the height of hypocrisy for a conservative freedom lover, wait till you hear WHY he says he opposes online gambling. Not, of course, because it would be competition for his many casinos. No way. “My moral standard compels me to speak out on this issue because I am the largest company by far in the industry and I am willing to speak out," said Adelson. So you see, gambling is immoral. That is, gambling outside of Mr. Adelson's casino's is immoral. Inside them, it's quite wonderful. I think he may have single-handedly created a new branch of ethical philosophy I will name Location Based Morality.

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