Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What You should Be Reading (if you want to be like me)

Which I assume you do.
I went was looking at some old posts (i'm a great writer, by the way) and saw an old list of some good blogs/sites I put up a couple years ago and thought it was time for an update. Only a couple from the 1st list are making the cut this time. 1) Kevin Drum at Good magazine, great blog. He's practically the original policy wonk blogger. 2) Paul Krugman at Economist, Nobel Prize winner and all around nice guy (despite his well known shrillness), Krugman is a clear thinker and writer who follows the data and the economic model instead of being wed to an ideology. That said, his politics are very liberal and his predominantly New Keynesian models generally (though not always) lead to policy prescriptions that are match. But he's also been the most accurate political/policy pundit based on a recent study. In fact, it turned out liberal pundits far outperformed their conservative counterparts. As Stephen colbert once sai, facts have a well known liberal bias. 3) Slashdot. As the tag line says "News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters". 4) is a pastiche of awesomeness from around the web, with recent link to a video of 17 year old Biggie Smalls rapping to a story about the high school coach virtually never punts and always on-side kicks (and has won 3 state titles). 5) Wonkblog, Ezra Klein's blog at the Washington Post. 6) Wired Magazine 7) Calculated Risk - indispensable blog for finance and related issues. That's it for now.

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