Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gay Marriage Isn't "Debasing" Anything

So I wondered over to today, as I do occasionally to see what the latest thing is in right wing outrage and white male oppression whining.  One article that caught my attention was "The Debasing of Marriage" by a clearly deranged poster named streiff.  It was the usual diatribe about the horrors of modern society destroying marriage as an institution.  Feminism, contraception, the "elites", premarital sex, drinking alcohol and of course abortion.  All par for the course when it comes to regressive, sexually repressed, religious extremist rhetoric.  One piece of particularly idiotic babble blamed feminism specifically because it "had as a goal the marginalization of men into sperm donors and the source of income to support illegitimate children. "  He/She also throws in some tired, stupid tropes about the holocaust, bestiality and polygamy (OH NOES!  THE SLIPPERY SLOPE TO ANIMAL SEX).  Conservative sure spend a lot of time worrying that everyone is just waiting for an excuse to fuck a dog.  Project much, guys?

However, none of that  is what got me to write this post.  Streiff is arguing (poorly) that gay marriage is the final step in the evil liberal debasement of marriage into a meaningless and disrespected non-institution.  That's the point of his whole article.  But the reality is the long, hard fight for marriage equality does exactly the opposite of debasing marriage.  It exemplifies the immense importance of marriage, it's centrality to our society and to individual relationships.  That's why it's such a huge issue for the gay community, because they understand and believe in it's importance.  I guess logic just isn't the strong suit for folks who still think evolution is fake and rape can't get you pregnant.  

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