Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump at 32% in Post Debate Poll

Wow, I don't even know what to say about this.  I thought The Donald would stay steady after the debates, holding on to his dedicated supporters, but start alienating the rest of the base.  But apparently I underestimated how much republican voters love angry, loudmouthed, misogynistic, rich, white guys.

Here's the breakdown from huffpo on a poll conducted by an outfit called Morning Consult. 

1) 2016 National Republican Primary

Asked of 746 Republican registered voters
Jeb Bush (R)11%
Ben Carson (R)9%
Chris Christie (R)4%
Ted Cruz (R)4%
Carly Fiorina (R)3%
Lindsey Graham (R)1%
Mike Huckabee (R)4%
Bobby Jindal (R)1%
John Kasich (R)3%
George Pataki (R)0%
Rick Perry (R)1%
Rand Paul (R)5%
Marco Rubio (R)6%
Rick Santorum (R)1%
Donald Trump (R)32%
Scott Walker (R)6%

 I've never heard of them, so I can't say if they're a reliable pollster, but for now I'll take it at face value.  Which means that despite, or perhaps because of, Fox's pretty obvious attempt to hurt Trump in the debates and his attack on Kelly regarding her menstrual cycle, Trump has increased his support.  Now, that sounds fucking crazy to me, but what it really seems to mean is that I just can't manage to understand the Republican Id no matter how hard I try.  It also means that unless something unexpected and dramatic happens, Trump will likely remain at the top of the GOP field at least until the primaries start.  If the debate and subsequent brouhaha with Fox and Kelly didn't hurt him (and in fact probably helped him) I don't see what will.  Once voting starts, marginal candidates drop out, and non-trumpites coalesce  around Walker or whoever, then he may start losing support.  But that sure as hell doesn't mean he'll drop out.  If Trump can maintain 20+% support he'll likely stick with it till the convention because fuck it, he's fucking Donald Trump and that's what Donald Trumps do.  Thank you, Lord!  This is YOOOOGE! 

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