Tuesday, November 6, 2007

poker+free whiskey+me = losing money

Went to AC last weekend. Was up at 1-2 NL poker table then started drinking. don't remember what happened but i eneded up with no money friday night. next morning the dealer at borgata was like "oh, i played with you last night. you were DRUNK. " i'm an idiot. anothre time i was up 1500 bucks on a 1-2, played till i fell out of my seat, had a guy at the able threaten to kill me, asked anohter player to count my chips (cause i could not) and lost it all. I had thought i could control it and drink a little, but stay semi-sober. that was stupid. from now on its water, coffee and maybe a beer. but even beer will just lead to whiskey, i'm sure. ugh.

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