Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm old, and halloween has proved it

I wouldn't go into manhattan for the halloween parade (i live in jersey city (i'm embarassed to say)) cause i was too tired and it was a wednesday. I didn't even go to a party or do anything really. I made tacos for dinner, spent 30 minutes at a bar a block away and went to bed. Sad. And this from a guy who got so drunk that he went to the Church of Scientology in Time Square demanding to see Tom Cruise and/or L. Ron Hubbard. Sure he was dead, but they gotta have his alien spirit filled corpse around somewhere. Following getting kicked out, I blacked out on the subway, was detained by the cops, got robbed and in a fight with the group of guys who were robbing me. And by fight i mean they beat the crap out of me. I drove them off with the blood I was covered in. That was a memorable night.

And nowadays I'm too tired to go out on a wednesday.

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