Friday, November 13, 2015

WTF Trump? You just dialed it up to 11!

If you haven't watched Trump's speech today, watch that shit.  It's AMAZING.  he basically said "i won't call rubio a lightweight.  cause that's derogatory.  so i won't call him a lightweight.  will not call him a lightweight.  lightweight,lightweight,lightweight.  he's definitely not that."  to start.  which is the equivalent of "he definitely isn't a rapist.  Rubio is NOT A RAPIST, who said rubio is a serial rapist?  not me, that's for sure".  And i foolishly thought that was gonna be the pinnacle of his nuttiness.  But, lo and behold, he follows that up with comparing Carson to a child molester.  Then says, and this is a literal quote "How stupid are the people of Iowa, how stupid are the people of the country to believe this".   I don't disagree, but not the best campaign slogan, Donald.  "YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS!  VOTE TRUMP!"

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