Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Final Gasp for #Benghazi?

In the latest round of the seemingly never ending series of "investigative" hearings on #BENGHAZI, so far Clinton seems very calm, collected and confident and i thought the part of her opening statement i heard was good. She's not attacking, but she's responding to all the questions pretty well and avoiding damage. For their part, the republicans seem to be trying to avoid obvious BS, partisan attacks and pretend they're doing a legit investigation. But that leaves them with nothing that actually hits Clinton substantively. It's mostly a lot of "didn't you know Libya was dangerous? here's a memo you got saying Libya was dangerous". No shit, guys. we all knew Libya was dangerous. lots of places our diplomats and military go are dangerous.  They do hard, dangerous but critical jobs.  And yes, tragically, sometimes they die doing those jobs.  But there was no cover-up, no stand down order, no lies and no actual scandal.  Every investigation, including the the ones run by republicans have agreed on this.  And of course GOP Majority Leader McCarthy basically admitted this whole thing was nothing more than a political witch hunt meant to hurt Clinton's poll numbers, not an actual investigation nito what happened.  So it sounds to me like this is about the last gasp of #BENGHAZI!!! scandal as far as the general public is concerned. The crazies will still rant about it, but as a serious campaign issue I think it's about dead.

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