Thursday, February 5, 2015

Anti-vaxxers and the 2016 Presidential Election

I find it interesting that on most political blogs i read, even far right wingers aren't popping up to defend the anti-vaxxers against the tyranny of gubmint overreach. That tells me even
the vast majority of serious movement conservatives see this as craziness. But the GOP presidential clown show are still feeling pressure to flip-fop and give vague answers on whether they support mandatory vaccinations. So i expect this to be the first of many issues in the 2016 campaign where the GOP field is forced to take crazy positions 70 or 80% of americans disagree with to satisfy the fringiest right wing litmus tests during the primaries. And that's once again gonna kill 'em in the general. Especially if they end up running one of the real nutjobs instead of a bush or walker type.

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