Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Methinks Guadagno doth protest too much.

So two Christie administration officials have to the allegations by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that they used Sandy relief funds as leverage to force through a questionable real estate deal.  

“Mayor Zimmer’s allegations are patently false and absurd on their face,” Constable said through a spokeswoman.Guadagno said the mayor’s description of the conversation “is not only false but is illogical and does not withstand scrutiny when all of the facts are examined.”
“Any suggestion that Sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in New Jersey is completely false,” she said. The lieutenant governor did not take questions on Monday.

First of all, the Guadagno press conference was notable in that she refused any questions an that she seemed extremely nervous and uncomfortable, while Constable only responded through a spokesperson.  But more interesting is their language in the denials.  The allegations aren't just false, they're "patently" false, "completely" false, "absurd" and "illogical".  It strikes me that type of excessively profuse denial and overly wordy language people use when they're lying and scared (at least when they're not good liars).  If this really was all absurd and patently false, Guadagno could step on stage, calmly and simply state that it's not true and then respond to questions.  But instead methinks the lady doth protest too much.    

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