Tuesday, January 3, 2012

reset kindle 2 that won't charge

so my girlfriend's kindle 2 was stuck with the screen "critical battery ... your battery i empty'. it wouldn't take a charge from the wall or a computer usb and most important the little yellow charging light did not light up. i tried the reset where you button for 20 seconds and nothing happened either. so i figured i'd open it and see if i could pull the battery or something. problem was i couldn't find directions on how to open it and it had no obvious points to unclip or screw. so here's how you do it. stuck something thin like a knife edge between the plastic and the metal sections on the back near the top. wedge in on both side and the clips wiil release and you can slide the top part off. then there are 2 small screws holding on the metal backing. take those out and it slides off. then remove the 2 screw holding on the battery and it pops out. i did that, then just put the same battery back and now the charging light is on and it made the USB device recognition beep on the computer so it should be working once it charges for a bit.

update: yep, that worked.

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