Monday, December 12, 2011

Newt's Appeal?

So the latest explanation I've heard for Newt's appeal amongst the republican base is via Kevin Drum - basically they all still think Obama's a drooling imbecil who can't string together a coherent sentence without a telepromter. Its all just affirmative action that got him to harvard, the law review, senate and the presidency. Beside the absurdity of that opinion after 3 years of his presidency in which he's demonstrated clear oratorical skill and policy expertise, it brings to my mind another question. If Obama can become president due solely to "affirmative action", how is it that our entire public and private power structure is not filled with, even dominated by, a bunch of black and brown men and women? Surely if affirmative action could raise the likes of Obama to the presidency, then the senate and housewould be overflowing with affirmative action picks. Yet somehow congress remains 84% white and 82% male . Wierd. And of course we've had a grand total of 1 black president in our nation's history.

I wonder how the republicans screaming about affirmative action would explain this. I can only imagine many think (if they were to think about it) that all black and brown people are so damn lazy and stupid that Obama is still the best of the bunch, with just enough brain power to read a teleprompter. And now they all think Newt, with his towering intellect, is going to prove just how much of an empty suit Obama really is. Well, all I can say is, good luck with that. Newt can get some good applause lines out at republican debates and right-wing events, but I doubt abolishing child labor laws will play quite so well with the rest of the country.

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