Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fuck the New Jersey DMV

So here's my New Jersey rant. About a year ago, I got pulled over for being on my cell phone. OK, you got me. Reasonable law, fine me, whatever.

But lo and behold, my driver's license is suspended. "Why is your license suspended?", asks the police officer.

"Why IS my license suspended?" asks the francis.

Turns out, a parking ticket i forgot to pay. So now I get hit with a big old driving on a suspended license ticket, plus the cell ticket and I can't drive home. I'm lucky the cop didn't arrest me, which he could have. For a parking ticket.

So i go to court, pay a butt load of money and get it all taken care of. So last week, I get pulled over for no reason. Ask the cop why and he says "I ran your plates and your drivers license is suspended. Why is that?". Well, long story short, turns out when my license was suspended the first time and I got pulled over, the DMV automatically charges an insurance surcharge of 250 bucks. They don't tell you that in court and I never got a notice in the mail. So my license was suspended again. And I had to pay 350 for that, and go to court next week with a max penalty of 750 + 10 days in jail or something crazy + resuspending my license again. FUCK NJ.

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