Wednesday, August 11, 2010

P90X update

ok, its been a couple weeks since the last post. i'm still not really completing any of the routines, but i talked to others who are doing p90x and neither have they. and these are people who've been working out regularly for awhile before starting. but i have kept up 6 days a week plus some bike riding for 5 or so miles a couple times.

so anyway, results have been good. i feel better and everyone i haven't seen in a few weeks or longer says i look thinner. i also put on a belt today which i had to cut an extra notch in when i bought it. now i don't need that notch and can wear it about 1.5 or 2 inches tighter. The only downside is i don't feel like i'm building much muscle mass so far. that could be my fault because i'm not completing the workouts, or because i only have 25 lb dumbbells. the 45 lb pair of quick adjust dumbbells was like 300 bucks so i just spent 120 on the 25's. They're actually really nice. I got them from Walmart. I forget the name but you can find them easily, they have square plates and are nice to use as pushup handles as well. i'll probably weigh myself soon too and check body fat somehow. i usually range from 167-172 (pre p90) and am 5'10''.

so the current conclusion is its working, try it if you want to lose wieght, tone and get some video motivation.

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